Cooler Storage.

by Polyvios Animations, June 20th 2020 © 2020 Polyvios Animations

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Draw my one-point perspective, in my backgrounds, scenes, and environments, with most, most, and most instinct, and most, most, and most feeling.

Here's my latest loosest, yet clearest and roughest, background art sketch. Ignore the hole, please? What do you think??

Polyvios Animations

Lemoreirax (unregistered visitor)

i really like it, its very expressive.

keep going,




Given it's perspective practice... it's all just a bunch of rullers!

Its rather expressive!

Which is why I think the vanishing lines need to be made much more obvious in this abstract a drawing.

On the right one line goes above the vanishing point (VP)/ the diagnal slashes in the center reference to other lines adding a 2nd VP off paper/ many lines don't reference the "grid." The left yellow/green section does not reference the VP. The horizon, etc. do not read clearly.

It just to be perspective, needs to be more "forced into it." Like, in single point, most lines not on the VP are horizontal. I might maybe have taken some of the diagnal lines and compositionally forced them to be horizontal to maximize the depth effect. Like the black "ham" on the right, I'd make it left to right instead of slanted.

I would "abstract to force the perspective"


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