Figure 23

by Tx Williep, August 23rd 2020 © 2020 Tx Williep

from Croquis Cafe photos. It took just over an hour ( there is no timer for Croquis Cafe) There are many many photos that are well lit. On the internet look for On Air Video


The hands are quite large and could use a bit of attention on the figure's right thumb, but it is a very dynamic pose and your values are nicely consistent with the unseen light source. Focus a bit more on the proportional length of the arms and hands and you're good!

Tx Williep

Thank you for critiquing my drawing. Yes, the hands are large. I distort things on purpose. If I stick my hand out to you in your face, what are you going to see? A large hand and a smaller body. Check my other drawings. The hands and arms are extended towards the viewer; therefore, they will appear larger. I am conscience what I am doing when I do it. I will exaggerate perspective and/or foreshortening.

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