Desperate for critique :| 30 minute pose

by Line, September 11th 2018 © 2018 Line

Hello! this is my 30 minute pose from the 1 hour session and I would love for any pointers. Personally I felt the left leg was abit wonky and tried moving it a bunch, also I have to practice drawing hands :sad:. If you feel like holding back on things you feel are wrong - please dont. Thanks!

Sanne - Site moderator

Hi Line!

This looks like a good effort for a 30 minute pose. I think you did a great job on the hands, especially (our) the left one, considering this was a full figure study and not a hands study!

The reason the leg looks wonky to me is not so much the leg, it's the transition from calf into ankle and then the foot that throws it off. The foot doesn't connect properly to the leg and it starts to take on some strange angles at the ankle, and then all the way through the foot. I feel like I'm viewing the toes from the side, for example, which doesn't fit with the angle being presented otherwise.

For this part in particular, I recommend doing a few practice sessions with the Hands & Feet tool and drawing a couple more feet in 60-90 seconds. After that session, try and compare those feet to the one in this drawing and see if you can figure out the differences?

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Wow, how did I miss that, thanks a lot! Yeah will have to practice feet, it looks almost like he got bit by a snake now when I really think about it. :3


This is actually pretty good given the amount time you took to produce it. Remember the body is composed of basic shapes, also try try giving yourself guildlines. I.E shoulder angle and hip angles because these are the foundations of the body movement.


Thanks for your critique Dreas! yeah I definitely get lost as to where things are in relation to eachother. I\ve been trying to start throwing down the landmarks but simply get lost like five minutes in haha. Do you have any specific parts you dislike about the picture - regardless of the time limit. Would appreciate your words! :)