Bus creature #1

by Line, September 12th 2018 © 2018 Line

Originally this was a sketch I did on the bus to the city, really liked it so I gave it a little polychromos love :-)

Sanne - Site moderator

Oooh this looks neat!! I love the use of color from the paper this was drawn on quite a bit.

What inspired this piece?


I'm glad you like it, yeah I spent several occasions coloring it. It's inspired mostly of just pent up anger - It's been election year in Sweden and getting too involved in politics isn't good for you.

Kim - Site admin

Maybe, but it tends to be good for the country, right? ;)


Haha yeah I guess, politicians just frustrate me sometimes. They promise you they're not going to do something the entire year and then just before voting ends suddenly they say it's the only thing they can do. uff! :(