day 4 examples

by Jordankinsley, September 5th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

i keep getting exhausted while practicing, maybe i just need a nap and then ill come back.

i think the top 2 were five minutes and the bottom 2 were 10 minutes.


i enjoy both of the five minute even tho it's little bit out off proportions. i think you should consider practice with old school pencil and paper. it's great to get the flow of the life model, check out proko's class and "love life model" on youtube to learn the diferent stage of the life model drawings.

keep going ! with month of practice and by following good advices, we can get better fast at this.

once you get the flow don't forget about studying anatomy, there is really nice apps to help you with this, tt become way more interesting to render living model once you know how works the human body.

Tx Williep

Build-in rest periods. The local life drawing session last 2 hrs and has a 15 min rest session built-in. You need to do the same ( we do not want your hand or arm dropping off). The top figures show building a drawing structure to use in drawing your figures. Good. Buy a stopwatch, they are not expensive (You can find one for under $10). The bottom figures I do not know what you used. You can get rid of any structure by using an eraser. I can not see you are doing anything wrong (the left figure is a little dark). With an understructure, you can make you figure do anything.

Remember: Practice makes better. So get busy and ever so often, rest.

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