Rosalina Day 65

by Jordankinsley, November 26th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

I gave her another shot. My main goals were to get the character design right and good coloring and shading. I think it is much better than yesterdays attempt.

Mike Ok

Good values in shading especially in those colors.

Polyvios Animations

-I'm totally impressed with you character design progess, so far, jordankinsley.

In the meantime, I'd be so grateful to you if you'd do some Nintendo's Rosalina expressions and faces, warmed up, all from 30-5 seconds. Will you please do that?

The reason why it's because, it could be extremely instrumental on your character design practice.

-Love how you'd colored and shaded that Nintendo character. Keep it up! Why don't you please work on your 5 minute value scale?

The reason why is because, if you'd started in 2 squares in tones, it'll be the most simplest for you. for more info, find this website's pencil worksheet.

Hope these've been completely and totally subsidiary.


I am always greatful to have your advice to give me some direction to work on.

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