first time body gesture practice

by Cupcake Tofu, September 12th 2020 © 2020 Cupcake Tofu

Done as part of a 30 minute class.
I've never really tried this and i struggled a lot. looking for helpful advice :c ty

Tx Williep

Actually the figures are very nice. Struggling is OK because you learn from it. The hands on the figure to right are good. Your feet could use some work. I am not sure what you are using to start off the figures (circles?). Looks like they are doing OK. Myself, I use lines that connect parts of the figure that are related. For example, my Figure 26. If you look at it you will see that the head, elbow, knee, right leg, and foot are lined up. Starting at the head in an arc (backward "C") goes over the back, left arm, and leg. This set up the relationships between the elements of the figure. I proceeded to draw the figure within these lines. I do this procedure on my drawings. The spacing of the various parts of your drawing looks fine. The normal uint of spacing in a figure is the head. An example: The top of the head to the chest is 2 heads. The legs are equal in length (2 heads top & bottom). You can find this information on the internet. If you run into foreshortening, it is somewhat hard to measure. Just draw the shape ( my Figure 8- left leg). You have a very good start. Keep up the good work. Remember: Practice makes better.

Cupcake Tofu

thank you so much for the advice! i never thought of it that way. ill try to apply it to my next drawings and try to remember it and look into it

Tx Williep

Remember: each drawing is different. The arrangement of the relationship line will be different. Examine each figure carefully to find the relationships between the various parts. Once you get things straighten out, your job will be much easier.


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