Day 11

by Jordankinsley, September 13th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

1 hour class drawing hands. i think im starting to get the idea of the shape of the hand alright but i got to learn shading. this was also my first time using clip paint studio, feels a little bettter than photoshop for drawing.

now that i have it on a bigger monitor i think the shading made it awful :(

Tx Williep

Good job on the hand. Remember: Practice makes better. Your hands will get even better with practice. The thumb looks a little long. In drawing hands that have fingers at various angles, I use string figures to put the fingers in the proper order. Then I fill them out.

Keep going. You did a good job and now you need to do more.

Katie Of Conrad

Usually, when you're trying to shade something you want to keep in mind where the different faces are. Of course, it's not always clear, but if you can figure out what the hand would look like if it was made of boxes, then you can use that to help you shade.

When you shade something it's going to be either round, or flat. When a light source hits a round object it is going to be the brightest at a single point, and gradually get dimmer. On a flat object it will cover the whole surface. If the surface is tilted away, it will get dimmer as it goes back.
Like this:

They're not perfect, but I think you get the idea. So. Once you understand how to shade different kinds of surfaces, divide your hand up into surfaces.

I divided it up like this, but you can put your lines wherever works. Then you can shade it.

Of course, things get a little more complicated when you have multiple light sources, or reflected light. But this is the basic idea.


wow very informative thank u

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