day 13 figure study

by Jordankinsley, September 14th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

part of a 30 minute class, got a drawing in before work, trying to get porportions more accurate.

Tx Williep

Overall, I like the figure. More study on hands & feet. You can get the proportions set up on the internet for free. Adding date & time is a good idea so you can go back and check your drawing to see your progress. Also, a review of human anatomy would be good. Hands & Feet recommended.

Here's what I would do with hands: 1) make a stick/wireframe structure of the fingers. Fingers are composed of 3 sections which you can place however you want to; 2) once you have the fingers set as you want, you can start fleshing out the fingers. (the thumb also has 3 sections but there is one you can not see because it is under the skin in the hand.

If you like you can look at some of my figures with fingers: Figure 11, 14, 17, 19, 20, 27

Mis Mango

I definitely feel this character. You convey what she is doing rather well despite the simplicity. To focus in on proportions, I might tone back on the details and do simple shapes to start. Try lining up the body with circles, squares and triangles to line up the ratios and allow yourself reference to check your work. Then, move on to using spheres, cubes and pyramids/cones to add volume. Start with simple poses and move up to more complex ones over time. Hope this helps! :)

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