day 29- figure study

by Jordankinsley, October 5th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

Done as part of a 2 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

Tx Williep

Very good job. I can not see anything wrong. Keep going.


The arms and hair are looking good!

I am not a professional nor am I particularly exceptional, so please take my word with a grain of salt, but I would personally work on understanding proportions on both the body and the face.

I have looked over some of your prior work and I can definitely see that you are improving!! The foot study you did looks great!

What references are you using when you do your studies? I would take advantage of using nude model references, as it may help you gain a better understanding of where the limbs should be placed... I've also recently begun studying muscles and skeletal structure, which has helped me A LOT!! I'd strongly suggest checking that out if that's your thing.

I've been watching

">Alphonso Dunn's series on human anatomy and I can safely it has helped me loads, I think it might help you a lot to check it out!

Other than that, I can see you're improving a lot and I commend your use of different/interesting poses. :)

Keep it up!!!!


i built up my own personal collection with lots of photos i found on google images.

thank you! i am interested in all the tips i can get :)


try practicing contour sketching with the class mode on here. understand that bodies can be simplified into shapes (and line). watch some youtube videos of countour drawings/contour practice to get an idea of what it looks like


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