day 32 - female figures

by Jordankinsley, October 7th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

excersises before work.


Looks good to me. I am at about the same level. Keep it up

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Katie Of Conrad

So this might be a bit long, but I hope it helps.

It feels to me like you're focusing too much on the faces. I looked at some of your hand and foot drawings, and it seemed like you were really thinking about shapes and how they connect to each other. But in your full body drawings the face tends to dominate the picture. I would actually try leaving the face out of the picture entirely. When you're just practicing you don't really need to see the face, and just drawing a simple shape for the head usually works fine. (simple head shape)

Most adult people are roughly eight heads tall. The shoulders are going to be about twice as wide as their heads. And the hips will be close to the width of the shoulders (sometimes wider or thinner depending.

If you want to find a better diagram look up "figure proportions" or "loomis figure"

Of course you won't always be looking at the person head on, but it helps to keep it in mind when you're drawing. If you aren't sure, a good rule of thumb is that the head will be smaller than you feel like it should be, and the shoulders will be wider than you feel like they should be.

Now, I totally get that it is a cartoony style, so it isn't supposed to be 100% realistic. But, here's the thing. Once you draw a realistic figure, you can use that as a map for your character, and adjust the proportions however you want. This helps you get the pose right.


If you want to get better at anatomy, I recommend a lot this book:

It´s a very simple way to understand the anatomy, without going to crazy.

Also, working everyday the gesture, You´ll notice a big improve. If you want to learn more about this, check the videos of Proko: https://www.


And just keep working every day. Learn and have fun!


ill check out some more of proko.

the book is in spanish, is there an english version or would any anatomy book do?? maybe im wrong.

Is there a good e-book you reccomend? i kind of prefer electronic books over paper.


Oh yeah, I think that you have the same version in english, but the language is not a problem, it´s almots full of drawings. Maybe If you look for the author, you can find it in english.

About e-book I dont have any idea, but I have tons of pdf of anatomy. Are you interested? I could upload them to Drive and send you the link.

Pd*: sorry for respond that late


yes please! :)


Here you have the Link:

Some of the PDFs are in spanish, but maybe you can use a translate app. Otherwise, you just can look the drawings and learn by them.

I recomend you to start with "Figure Drawing. Design and Invention", because its more simple, and better for beginners. Anyway, try to always understand the anatomy with simple shapes before going more depply. The human anatomy is very complex and studing it can be overwhelming. So take it easy and be patience. Its really difficult to everyone.

By the way, I took the freedom to attach some "Web of Interest" that can be helpfull, like more anatomy webs, photo reference webs and color palette webs.

There´s a lot of information, so take time to look at them. Have a nice day!


I sent a request for access


I sent you the permision. Did you enter without problems?


No problems! This all looks very helpful. Thank you very much!

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