day 37- figure

by Jordankinsley, October 12th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

I was wondering, would learning how to draw with my left hand be beneficial or a waste of time?

Tx Williep

Are you planning on losing your right hand? Just looking at the drawings, the right one is much better. If you have a good reason to draw with your left hand, do it. But if not, I would stick to the right hand. In any case, keep up the practicing.


Both drawings were done with my right hand, the left figure was drawn with an upside down reference because someone suggested that drawing pictures upside down refreshes the ideas of what size we think things are... which lead me down a path that got me into reading a book called drawing on the right side of the brain, i've seen it reccomended on this website, and it talks about why drawing things upside down is helpful, such as forcing us to use more brain power than usual, and that lead me into wondering if trying to draw left handed would be helpful, and today was my 2nd day just trying it out, it has been making me think all kinds of different thoughts than usual such as, noticing that practicing anything really does cause improvement but its not always going to be drastic overnight improvements and im noticing things like what way I make strokes are better than others and where muscles tighten up when I draw, probably wont be anything but doing it for 30-60 minutes a day is at minimum fun learning, not sure if ill keep it up after a month though! Well see. I'm probably not going to post my left hand practice because they're really bad. Thank you for ur reply though, i can not see any necessary or very beneficial to learning left hand drawing.

Tx Williep

Do whatever you think is right.

Tx Williep

I forgot. You can take the original & view it upside down. This different point of view will hopefully show up any problems that may need correction. You can do this with any work (drawings, paintings,etc.).


Drawing the same reference photo upside down is a great idea! Flipping it horizontally is also very helpful, or viewing your drawing flipped can make mistakes stand out more. Some comments:

- You include a lot of details but it is hard to see the general form of the figure, like where the waist is or the curve of her back. Try to get the general shape down before adding details.

- In the right-side-up drawing, you can tell that the pose is foreshortened (since we can see the inside of the skirt + shirt sleeves) but the face is not, so it looks like it was drawn separately. You got the face right in the upside-down drawing, probably because you were forced to draw what was in the reference photo and not how you're used to drawing faces.

Overall it looks good!

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