Day 42

by Jordankinsley, October 18th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

no description.


The form feels right but the volume is a bit lacking. Take into consideration how the weight of the body might move in this situation.

I'll just focus on one area rn: the shoulders need more depth, of course, bc of the pov, not everything will be shown but the position of the arm hidden looks distorted because of the placement.

If you have access to CSP 3D model, play around with the model is to see how parts are not shown.

I hope this helps a little! ^^


I think it looks good! The pose is very dynamic and the leg/feet positioning looks great.

The hands positioning is a bit off and i think the head shape could have a bit more space on top (forehead, rest of cranium) but overall I like it!

Polyvios Animations

I absolutely love your sense of vitality, jordankinsley, but I've got one smallest idea:check out this animation drawing book right here in this link! The reason why is because, it'll give you a very, very unconventional approach to figure drawing, by a veteran Disney animation artist, named Walt Stantchfield. And if you wanna see and learn more, check out this video.https://

Hope it's been totally and definitely effectual.


wow! thanks you so much!

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