Day 49 - coloring

by Jordankinsley, October 25th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

I didn't use reference I just made this on the side while learning my ratios and then I was trying to figure out if I could do some shading and coloring practic while keeping my drawing streak going. I'm going to do some LOA practice right now.

Tx Williep

Colorful. It hits the viewer between the eyes (in a good way). The coloring is an excellent job. I can not say anything bad or wrong with this work. You are rolling along! Keep up the good work.

1 1

These bright colors look so nice, but a little bit too bright. Next time when you draw go from light to dark in more shades. And instead of drawing color brighter, add a blue or green, to make it dark. Good luck

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