9/12/2018 Lead

by Line, September 12th 2018 © 2018 Line

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

I'm trying to think while drawing which is something I rarely do, I always get lost in my drawing process. I practiced about 40 minutes drawing feet before this, I hope there is a somewhat improvement. I feel the arms are weak and will work on it. Another thing is that it's like my logical brain is shut outdoors when drawing, and when I try to think I lose my trail and start making bad marks, any suggestions on how to improve this? Thanks a bunch! :3


This looks great ! You’re right that the arms are weak but seeing your own mistakes is a good sign you already intuitively know where to improve.

That “shut off your brain” feeling is very natural and many artists strive to achieve and stay in that zone! So don’t fight it! I’m sure my science is outdated but I think it’s your visual/non-verbal brain taking over if that makes sense. It’s an old book but “Drawing on the Right side of the brain” is an amazing book about that, really helped me and my art!

for this particular drawing I’d say it’s great for ten min- just try to mentally kick yourself when you’re spending too long rendering the torso/face, and try to give the arms/legs some more love. Sometimes I force myself to render them to a good level before I move onto the “reward” of working on the parts I like more. Hopefully that helps, but definitely check that book out if you can !

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Hey Velloria, first of all thanks so much for your critique! I will definitely look this book up and you're right: I try making the face look like a face which isn't really important at this point - Will focus more on the whole picture of muscle, bumps n lumps to better simplify my anatomy but also draw it correctly! :3 Just out of curiosity - what parts look more prioritized?


Oh drats, torso and face, gotcha! x)