30 min - 11/15/20 - #Dryerase #Glassboard

by Mike Ok, November 15th 2020 © 2020 Mike Ok

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve my rendering of faces

All comments are welcomed.

Polyvios Animations

that's a very handsomest face you've drawn, mike_ok, however, I've got one little further recommendation: I see some of the forces of those faces getting in there, bit by bit, why don't you please perform 36 minutes of 30-second sketches of expressions?

Why???? Because, your gestures will become the most swoopier in your facial expressions in terms of exaggeration, like that Indian Cartoonist, S. Jithesh. For more details, look up S. Jithesh on YouTube to see how he sketches.

Hope it's been completely and totally fruitful and good.

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Mike Ok

Yeah I saw his cool work. hes really fast.


you should focus on your anatomy. first draw the general basic shape of the skull then move on to the details.

you can watch some youtube videos by proko on 'how to draw faces' if you want to draw realistic

Mike Ok

His way just seems so complicated. I just want to render the face. Lol, the tutorials cant help me if they are too hard to draw in practice. But i hear you and will figure it out.

Anai D 37

The upper face i like quite a lot, specially the nose. But the lower face is off center with the mouth and right eye stretched to the right. Perhaps the crease of the face is a bit too exaggerated.


Good work! Im also working on improving my faces, what has helped me is studying the skull and the facial muscles and practicing those before moving on to the face with skin. It could help you be more aware of the purpose of each individual component of the face and improve the overall drawing.

Mike Ok

I took an anatomy class before, I was lost. I've been wanting a glass skull to practice on. Thanks

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