Practice form last week - Rendering faces - 12/6-12/20

by Mike Ok, December 13th 2020 © 2020 Mike Ok

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

these are from 30 minute classes during the week.

My current goal is: Improve on proportions of the head and features.

I also want to get to a level where I cand draw heads well effortlessly.

All comments are welcomed

Polyvios Animations

Nice work on your faces, and your features, mike_ok, that's very greater.

What I really love is how well-placed your eye relationships and spaces in each and every face we've seen. But, I've got one tinier request: I love how one eye is closer to us, while the other eye is farther away from us, in most faces in this image file, why don't you please plus those eye proportions and angles by doing 48 more minutes of 2 minute faces? The reason why is because, it'll help you caricature your lines, caricature your spaces, and also, exaggerate your relationships in your faces.

Hope it's been completely and totally productive and intuitive.


you seem to use guiding lines or soft lines rarely. guiding soft lines are quite useful to progress it faster. I think you might've draw lines very carefully and slowly. I recommand to add more relaxing to your lines and find facial muscles with rhythmical lines.

Keep having a good art time!


Love your dedication! I like how much you're sketching and try to go into detail as much as possible.

I'd really recommend looking for some Videos on YouTube for head anatomy, they'll help you understand where should be what and implement it in your drawings immediately.

Studies are helpful but won't help you truly understand without some background knowledge on Anatomy, Muscles, and the structure of the face.

Good luck!


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