Figure Betsy_02

by Tx Williep, November 18th 2020 © 2020 Tx Williep

Pen & Ink drawing.

Polyvios Animations

Those poses of Betsy are utterly gorgeous, Tx. That's very awesome work. Still I've got one small question: What is your goal right now? As a result, we'd all know what you're focusing on currently in your next session.

Hope it's been completely and totally of service.

Tx Williep

Again, thank you for the critique of my drawing. I'm not happy with the faces, but, the bodies are OK. With ink you can not correct it but, that is fine. I accept that fact. As I have said I have 30 volumes of life drawing sessions that I have collected over the last 6+ years. Each volume has an average of 175 drawings all in ink. I have gotten better over time (Practice makes better). I have not rejected my current objectives. The current drawings were done with no preliminary work done on the figure such as a stick figure basis. I just started at the shoulders and head and kept going. I just like drawing figures. The next thing I will try is watercolor pencils (Arteza brand). With the pencils, you have more control over the placement and control of the color. With regular watercolor, you have much less control. We will see.


Hello tx,

You might improve on these ink drawings by taking care with the direction of the shading. Whatever the direction, it is best if it suggestive of the form. For example, in the top left figure, the left arm has got diagonal shading which does not help us interpret the arm as as a cylindrical form.

Tx Williep

Thank you for your critique of my drawings. I will take your suggestion under advisement.

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