Expression 29-Second Warm-Up

by Polyvios Animations, November 21st 2020 © 2020 Polyvios Animations

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 29 seconds in length.

My current goal is: Make my forces of faces and expressions less stiffest and more dynamic,energetic, and fluid.

Here is my latest warm-up. It's drawn very fastest and funniest. What do you think? Is my drawing communicating the idea more solider, fluider, and livelier enough????


If your goal was to create a cartoon-like expression, then you have done well. You were able to quickly capture the grumpiness of the character. The jagged linework adds to the overall impression of the piece. If you want to improve upon your technical skills, try looking at the muscles of the face and how they interact during different expressions. (For example, when you smile your check muscles tighten, and this makes you squint.) This could help you to exaggerate expressions as well.


Looks definitely fluid! Maybe focusing on making the proportions more realistic, even on the very quick gestures, could be something to work on.

Polyvios Animations

Nice, but I've almost already mastered realistic facial proportions, but it's certainly worth a try again.;)

Tx Williep

Very nice quick sketch. Yes, it is solid, fluid, and lively enough. I can see it being developed into an animation (which I know you are very interested in). Do a storyboard and see where it goes. Good luck.

Ivanlopez Art

I think you managed to capture a very nice expression on this one, I can definitely see the facial features of a character and you did it with very few lines, good job!


in 30 seconds, with the least number of lines, you captured a mood. now that is a skill. 30 seconds is hard!! I have seen your other sketches and it seems that you might be an expressionist personality

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