Day 62 - Mario Time

by Jordankinsley, November 22nd 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

Goal: Coloring, Shading and Character Design

Polyvios Animations

Nice bit of design exercise, jordankinsley, that's very gorgeous.

Again, if I could critique on your coloring and shading, then it would be that the coloring of the harmonies are very well-balanced in terms of the simplicity, but I just don't see enough of the understanding of the temperatures of the tones.Why don't you please check this out? The reason why??? Because, though I love how clear and simple the shading is going on Mario and Yoshi, but for example, please make the Yoshi dino shadows a bit more of a darker green????? Why????????? So that the darks would receed more.

And as for the character designs here, I just adore it already, so there's nothing else to say, except to look up more information on a series of books by Didier Ghez, Disney historian, called, They Drew As They Pleased. Why??? As a result, they could give you a much diverse set of influences in your character design exercises.

Hope they've been completely and totally beneficial & meet.

Mike Ok

Overall looks good, but cartoons usually outline everything or nothing at all. The hat and shoes look good with no outline.

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