by Aliencommando, November 22nd 2020 © 2020 Aliencommando

An older drawing of feet, numbers in boxes are how many minutes were taken. Some of them I went over again in ink to practice inking. Constructive criticism welcome!


Very nice! love your inking too! I noticed that there is not a lot of shading in general, maybe practicing blocking in more realistic shadows would be beneficial, this also helps pin point the different volumes od the foot and make them look more real. Great job on the overall proportions though!

Tx Williep

Very nice feet. This is how you learn them (many feet in many poses). Do the same for hands. Learning and practicing the various part of the body is how you will increase your knowledge of the human body. Do some serious study on human anatomy - both muscles and bone structure. The internet has a lot of free information on these subjects. Make drawings of what you find and keep them close by so you can refer to them. A book that you may find of interest is:

"Morpho: Anatomy for Artists" by Michel Lauricella. He has many related books.

In the end, remember: "Practice makes better"

If you want a challenge, try drawing from scratch with pen & ink ( I love pen & ink).

Diana M.

Lookin good! I think you should add some shading to the sketches to make the foot look like a form and less flat. I don't have any major critiques. Just more practicing and I'm sure you'll master it!

Polyvios Animations

That's the most nicest drawing of feet I've ever seen, ever, aliencommando, but I've got one littlest suggestion: I love how the forms and forces are getting to be a bit loose, but more tighter in the inking. Why don't you please subdue the rigidity of the feet with 38 more minutes of quick 30-second poses of feet? The reason is because, your goal could, would, and should be to help make your feet less rigid and more, fluid, dynamic, energetic, and vital.

Hope you've found that completely and totally productive.



Add some shading and shadowing to give the 3D version of it. But I know you're still learning, we all are right?

Good luck keep going you're doing great! :)

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