Shading practice

by Aliencommando, November 25th 2020 © 2020 Aliencommando

Haven't done proper shading in ages, critiques welcome! I know the hands look less than beautiful, but I would really like feedback on my shading and anatomy.

Time taken: 10 min. rough sketch, 10 min. better outline (below), approx. 1.5h shading with pencils

Polyvios Animations

Bravo, aliencommando! Bravo!! Nice shading here.

However, I've got one little, tiny suggestion: I love how you rendered the tones in graphite,(I think) but why don't you please do a different one on toned paper????????????????

The reason why is because, it'll give you the most broader range of value scale, and to give you a more deeper mood to your figure drawing.

Hope it's been completely and totally serviceable.

Mike Ok

Looks good and detailed. On the photo it looks theres a line of reflected light right above the crease on the right arm going towards the elbow.


Hi alien,

The shadow on the left arm seems to be lighter in your drawing than it is in the reference. The elbow in particular is very dark in the reference.

The shading of the right shoulder blade seems to be incomplete. The shadow is more pronounced in the reference.


Hi Aliencommando,

I can feel every minute you poured into this your attention to value is striking and I was especially stunned by the underwear, I feel that you really pushed the dark value on the left side and it highlights the different way light lands on fabric vs. skin. I think if you did the same thing and pushed that darkest value more in between the thighs and along the right leg it would add a tremendous amount of depth. At the moment the right knee bend looks a touch too low but when I compare it to the outline I notice it's pretty spot on which makes me think it's the shading that's tricking me. Would love to see you do this again or something similar in charcoal or with softer graphite.

Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!

Danny Art05

It's very good but the right led looks a bit flat.

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