Flipped Face 29-Second Warm-Up

by Polyvios Animations, November 23rd 2020 © 2020 Polyvios Animations

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 29 seconds in length.

My current goal is: Make my forces of faces and expressions less stiffest and more dynamic,energetic, and fluid.

This is another flipped face, this time in 29 seconds. I'm really working out on my forces of my faces and expressions, in one line only. It may be just more than one line and color, but I'm still hacking it out on it. What do you think?

Mike Ok

i think it was a profile pic facing left/down about 50 degrees. Reminds of Picasso as a jug.


This is going to sound harsh, but I'm honestly not sure if you are a troll of not. I would suggest doing some breakdown work on photos of faces to better understand how face construction works, because so far this looks like you scribbled on the paper

Polyvios Animations

Thanks for your comment, Liodevon427, but that's a bit tricky, even for me. But, harsh nothing! I'm gonna go at it. I think that's the first nice thing you said in terms of your constructive critique.

Cheers to you, Lio.


I wish you the best if luck my dude!


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