by Bubble Jr, November 27th 2020 © 2020 Bubble Jr

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

I think the knees a little to low . I wanty to becomes a master at drawing the human figure someday .

Polyvios Animations

Nicer job on your figure drawing work, Bubblejapan. That's pretty great!

However, I can give you one suggestion on how to improve your overall proportions, particularly on the knees of your human form. It's a two part system: 1) I think the gesture is getting there on your knees. and 2) the knees are a bit too lower. Why don't you please loosen them up, by raising a little bit more high, with 32 more minutes of 30 second knee drawings from figure drawing photos?

The reason is because, it'll help you get to be the most acquainted with the mechanics and motion of the human knees in the overall human proportions and other human body parts.

Hope it's been completely and totally supportive.

Bubble Jr

Thanks so much Honstrly I hope one day to de a master at drawing people


Yea I agree the legs are a bit low, however I think the overall form looks really nice! The overall silhouette is well done, except on the arms. I would think more on the negitive space so that the pose reads clearer.

Tx Williep

Very nice effort. You need to do a good study of human anatomy - both muscles and bone structure. Make drawings of what you find and keep them close so you can refer to them. The internet has a lot of free information on these items. In your view of the figure, the legs are basically full length. The upper and lower leg are the same length (2 heads each - the normal unit of measure for the figure is the head). Line-of-Action [L-o-A] has a section on hands & feet you should check out. Also, check out L-o-A on YouTube where you will find useful information. You might want to check out the following book:

"Morpho: Anatomy for Artists" by Michel Lauricella. He has several related books.

Remember: Practice makes better. So keep practicing.


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