Figure drawing

by Bubble Jr, November 28th 2020 © 2020 Bubble Jr

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

So to motivat me I printed off pituers of awards of Chesley award and Ink pot hand put on one on them. hahah I wante to become a master someday . I hope to master fiuger drawer

Polyvios Animations

Beautiful work on your gymnastic attitude, Bubblejapan. I'm very proud of that.

Yet, I've got one littler suggestion: I see some of the rigidity of the organic drawing melting away in your perception. Why don't you please loosen up your lines the most in your 33 more minutes of 29-second poses??????? The reason why is because, it'll free up your line quality and movement in your gesture sketches and quicker sketches, next sessions out.

Hope it's been absolutely beneficial in your next study.


As Ive gotten older I feel the fastest way to get better is slower smaller steps.

There is a lot of work put into your sample here. There is gesture volume etc.

you may want to think about slowing down and making sure that your line of action is correct for the overall gesture and then also gesturing out the rest in stick figure with nice curves

Questions to ask

Is the overall length of my figure looking correct?

Then, are my limbs the correct length in proportion to the rest of the parts, torso etc.

once the length, height etc from the top of the head to the furthest point looks good you can start cross lining where the joint placements should be.

asking yourself these two things repeatedly first will ensure your beginning structure serves the rest of the drawing. If it takes the whole 30 minutes just to do this and you end up with a great stick figure where the proportion and joints are where they need to be then you can move to the next step

I would also suggest that when you get better at this first step to try to get faster and do it in smaller time frames. If you end up with something wrong, slow down and fix it again.

Repeat this approach for all steps, the next step after this would be your volumes, when you get really comfortable these steps will become more intuition and done more or less all at once as your brain interprets the form you are studying. But the repetitive practice in smaller steps is needed to build up your knowledge to do so.

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