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by Basicglitch, December 3rd 2020 © 2020 Basicglitch

Other sketches I did on 12/03/2020.

HELP! Any advice really really really helps.

Polyvios Animations

Great job, Basicglitch! Those are very great attitudes!

However, I've got one tinier, littler proposition: I love love how your gestures are going, so, why don't you please loosen your eyes, body, and hands up with 39 minutes of 30-second warm-up pose sketches? (all flipped in 3 different possibilities??)

The reason why is because, they can and will help you loosen up your eyes, body, and hands in terms of hand-drawn beauty and sensitivity.

Hope it's been definitely and completely useful. Thanks.


I like the approach here. Thinking of the figure as a group of spheres and cylinders is a great way to break down what you see. The areas that represent the knees and elbows have a strong three dimensional look. That isn't an easy area to capture so congrats on that.

I see some confusion on tackling the proportion of certain areas, like the feet and head, but nothing that won't improve in time. Draw a lot from reference then try a few from imagination.


wow, i really love the movement and action going on in there, little advice, try to be more confident on your strokes, and just be more loose in general, try to use your hole arm to draw rather than only your wrist. For practicing that in your next practice session just hang the paper on a wall (a big paper if you have it) and try to involve even the shoulder, i promise it's fun.


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