Still stiff (12-06-2020)

by Basicglitch, December 6th 2020 © 2020 Basicglitch

Drawn from 30-second images for 10 minutes.

Still really struggling. I know it looks wrong.... I know it IS wrong.... but I can't seem to wrap my head around translating the movement to an actual drawing while still being anatomically correct.

I'm going to get an anatomy book to study, and I've been watching some speed paints.

Any other advice? Its hard to not feel completely incompetent sometimes.... ugh.

Danny Art05

Very good! I love treir flow! Just keep in mind the skeleton and try building the flest on the sketches.

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Polyvios Animations

That's very great, Basicglitch. I totally enjoy the energy and flow, and movement range. Request: Now could you please keep in mind of the energy of your skeleton, and THE skeleton in general, in 47 minutes of 30-second sketches?

Why?? Because, it'll help you improve and innovate your gestural anatomies much more perfectly and excellently next round out.

Hope you find this extremely and greatly exceptional.


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