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10 min practice pos

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on your promise, Munkedragon, very perfect.

If I was to make a suggestion on how to improve your drawn quality, then it would be to better focus on the making your poses holistically, but with 65 minutes (1 hour 5 minutes) of 30 second gestural poses. Would, and could you please do that for me?

The reason why is because, if your goal would be to make your poses, less stiff and more dynamic-energetic,and fluid, would you please be OK with that?

I hope, rest assured, this bit of advice, you'd find this completely and positively supportive.

Happy New Year!!


I will try my best to do so. Thank you for the insight.

The Mils Edition

Hi Munkedragon,

This is really good. My advice is to exaggerate the gesture. If the left shoulder were higher, the head would seem like it hung lower and that there was more of a pull from gravity.


I will try to keep this in mind moving forward, thank you so much.


This looks really good! Maybe you can practise using longer lines, that way you would be faster at capturing the pose and have more time for the shading.

MOon Bear Moon Moon

전체적인 흐름을 파악한 후에 각각의 관절 부분을 원기둥(도형화)으로 형태를 잡으시는게 좋을꺼 같습니다.

몸통 원기둥(도형화)으로 만든 이후에 세부적인 근육의 형태 묘사를 진행 하시되, 선을 한번에 긋는걸 연습해봅시다.

After understanding the overall flow, it would be better to shape each joint with a column.

Let's practice drawing lines at once, after you have made it into a cylindrical body.


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