5 min gesture

by Munkedragon, January 8th 2021 © 2021 Munkedragon

Five min gesture for practice

Polyvios Animations

Hey there Munkedragon,

Well, I think your gesture drawing is on the right track, yet if I've got one small suggestion, then it would be to please do 69 minutes of 60 second figure poses. Would you please do that?

The reason why you would do that is because, it could, if your goal is to make your forms more organic, then it'll help your hand draw loosely and freely. If you need more details, be sure to look up Volume 1 of Walt Stantchfield's Draw to Life Series (link down below). Hope it's been completely totally nice, encouraging and fair.

Here is this link: Vol. 1 of Walt Stantchfield


Lovely sense of movement! Hands in the main figure are perhaps a tad too large, although that might be remedy itself with more shadow work onthe forarm from the elbow down. This would be a terrific study to develop further. Very nice.

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Halan Lore

Dang I love how dramatic your lines are. Its really cool being able to see the inside of the figure and the contours. No real advice, looks awesome, seems organic to me. I like how the figure just seems to flow. It's probably just the perspective but the arm on the far side seems to get lost, that might have been in the original photograph but it appears slightly confusing in the drawing.


i love the rhythm in your gesture! try shorter time intervals for gesture to loosen up more.

Lily B

Really good!

For critique, I'd say make some of your lines lighter. You've got some nice bold lines but I think you should reserve them for areas that you really want to pop.

Also perhaps spend more time on the feet. In this pose the main interest is the upper body and you've done the anatomy really well there, but you mustn't forget to spend time getting the less interesting parts anatomically correct too.


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