Landscape Practice

by Verati404, January 18th 2021 © 2021 Verati404

These were done in class mode. I'm looking to get better at environments. I'm self-taught.


You're really good at capturing the details of the environment, but with the forest scene I'd work on clearly defining foreground middleground and background


Hello Verati404!

My name is Izzy and I am a comic book artist!

You seem to have a pretty good understanding of line weight in regards to distance to/from the camera! I would recommend focusing on this!

Also, do not worry about making an imperfect line!

I would also recommend using much larger brushes and focusing more on the value (lights/darks) of the environment. If you feel comfortable, try using a very large brush and the eraser and not using lines to draw the outlines of things at all! Its very difficult to do, but its an indispensable skill. Its a lot like painting and would add a lot of depth to all of these drawings!


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