The Magpie

by Verati404, February 3rd 2021 © 2021 Verati404

I don't color things very often, and I know the tail is too short. Any ideas on how I can improve?



Hello friend,

A few notes on the magpie species, which can be useful to look for in general for birds:
1 - the magpie has a lot more white feather. Females some grey.

2 - Their beak is straighter and bends less. More like a triangle.

3 - The neck is a little too long.

4 - their head is a little flatter at the frond, not a circle.

I like your drawing very much! Keep drawing my friend!


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Polyvios Animations

Nice work on the digi watercolor painting of a magpie, Verati404, that's very awesome.

Well, if you could get some help on how to improve your magpie drawing, why don't you please find an image of a magpie online? The reason is because, it could help you compare and contrast the differences between the real animal, such as this bird, and your study of it.

My hat's off to you.

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Hi Verati, nice composition and colours! My first question is, are you using photo reference? Without knowing the actual bird this is based on, it seems like the proportions are a little off; tail too short as you noted, and wings too small, both of which may be alleviated by a smaller head.

In rendering the feathers, you've made the body look a little flat. I'd pay more attention to how the feathers as a group appear in the light than on what we logically know about their individual shapes and how they overlap each other. Think of it like you're drawing a texture of a feathery surface, rather than a collection of feathers.

Hope that helps!


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