Hi, Here are some 10 minute sketches I have done + some others.

by Pedro Learns, January 20th 2021 © 2021 Pedro Learns

Please give me some tips/guides to get better. Thank you so much.

Google Drive Folder Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KrPJNfcOtzBxofBEGTejXxOKklDaCy_4?usp=sharing

Polyvios Animations

Hi there, PedroLearns,

I love what you're going on with that kneeling pose, but I've got one small critique: I love how the legs look in repose, but the arms look a bit too much like thin noodles than arms. Why don't you please do 89 minutes of 30 second arm drawings? And this time, would you please check out this link?

The reason why is because, it's gonna get you to think less and less on the forms and details, and more on the holistic side of the figures and the like, especially when it comes to the arms ;)

Good luck to you, and I hope you've found this completely fine and dandy, and totally encouraging.

Pedro Learns

Thank you so much!

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