Hi all, I am requesting some critique on this 10 minute sketch.

by Pedro Learns, January 21st 2021 © 2021 Pedro Learns

Please let me know what I can improve on to get better at drawing. Thank you so much..

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Nice work, PedroLearns,

Nice work on your pose. So, if I was to recommend an improvement on your drawing above, then it would be to, please screen cap your image, flip horzontally, then rotate 180 degrees (o), and later, do 91 minutes of 60 second poses, along with all the others? The reason why you could do this trick is because, it can and will help you out on learning to not only draw, but just draw using the right side of the brain. For more info, be sure to look up Betty Edwards.

Cheers to you, and I hope you'll find this completely useful, and totally genial.


My suggestion would be to block in bulky shapes as a priority before you try to go in with any details. The best part of this sketch is the torso and the tilt of the pelvis because of those shapes. For example, the fingers of the hand and the pieces of hair are unnecessary to get the motion of the sketch across. In such a small amount of time, the shapes and the outline are more important than individual fingers.
I would also suggest being much lighter with the line of action you used to get started with the sketch. Much easier to adjust if it isn't so dark. Keep up the good practice work!

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