30 min class #2

by Sensei Seb, January 25th 2021 © 2021 Sensei Seb

Im looking to get better at proportions and and overlaping shapes

Dilettante Artist

Before I give any pointers, I just want to reassure you that this is a lovely piece. Overall your proportions are not bad, but they can be improved.

For this picture specifically, the waist is too small. You drew a very full figure, and unless that's the style you would like, you have to balance that all out with a realistic figure in every area. The curve from her shoulder blades to butt is too pronounced. A more gentle slop will give her a realistic back and waist.

Her ribcage is also a bit too defined- I think it's poking out a little dramatically. The ribcage added with the waist gives me the impression she's really petite, possibly starving herself, but the large butt and thighs send mixed messages.

The last thing- her upper arm that is in the foreground needs to be slightly larger. She has a thicker forearm, but the bicep is too small to match the rest of the arm. I would also widen her shoulders a bit, it seems they come to a stop too early.

hope it helps! best of luck to you and your art!

Sensei Seb

Thank you very much! this kind of critique is just what I need to improve, I will take all the pointers into consideration

Diana M.

So far, so good! I think one way to work on your proportions is using the 8-head canon. Also, use your pencil to measure the distance between some body parts or mimic the curves you're going to draw before putting them down on your canvas/paper. Nicely done!

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Polyvios Animations

Greetings, Sensei_seb, that's a very light and sensitve drawing of a life pose, indeed. I love how light your gestures of your proportions. So, if I could give you some advice, then it would be to please, please, please take a piece of tracing paper, in order to trace out a silhouette of the pose???? The reason why you could do this exercise game is as a result, it could and should help you out on your perspection of the spaces. Good luck from me.

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