22-Second Hands and Feet Scribbly Warm Up for Animations

by Polyvios Animations, February 7th 2021 © 2021 Polyvios Animations

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 22 seconds in length.

My current goal is: Improve my understanding of hand and foot bone structures.

This is my latest scribbly sheet for the evening, everyone. As you can plainly see, didn't care about the perfection of the drawing, just the speed of it. I beg your pardons of the scribbly appearance. What do you think of my process?


Definitely a good way to loosen yourself up before sitting down to do a realistic drawing of a person. The use of shade and contrast is well placed in the middle of the picture.


I'm not sure if I'm supposed to just see the scribbles, or look for a subject within them. Sorry.


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