Blonde at the lake

by Nallengmb, February 21st 2021 © 2021 Nallengmb

Blonde at the lake

January 2021

Blonde at the lake is a digital piece of art (it's actually a panorama that will include 3 more simliar photos of the same girl in different poses). I tried to make my color work seem somewhat interesting, as well as give off a post-impressionist vibe. I don't have a stylus so this was all done by mouse on adobe Fresca. I will take any critique offerable.

Polyvios Animations

Congratulations, nallengmb! That's a very swell, and awesome job on your post-impressionist nude woman on Adobe Fresca. That's very phenominal work.

Well, I've got one tiniest, littliest sugggestion: I love how much force is coming through in the gesture, but I really need and want to see much, much more, more of them. Why don't you please free and loosen yourself up thru 124 minutes of 30 second affectations, by doing them on cheaper notebook paper, with pencils and pens? (124 x 60/30, 7440/30=248) The reason why you could do this tricky suggestion is because, it would, could, and should help you work loose, light, longer, larger, livelier, and with lines of action, and rhythm with those traditional tools and media.

Good luck to you, from me, and I hope you've found these completely and beneficially useful, encouraging, and promotive to productivity.

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