Samurai 2077

by Nallengmb, February 21st 2021 © 2021 Nallengmb

Samurai 2077

October 2020

Media: Ink, Blackliner pens

This is just a drawing I made of myself as a character from a video game. Critique welcome as always, I can take it.

Polyvios Animations

Cooler job on your ninja guy, nallengmb, that's a very opportune performance.

Well, if I could just and try out providing you and totally perfect critique (though to me, at least), then it would be that I love the line quality and understading and control you've got, but I really like to see you loosen some of that up just a littler bit more. Why don't you please gather some images of video game characters off Google and/or DuckDuckGo, bookmark them, then download them onto your hard drive, and next, practice and warm youself up to doing 126 minutes of 30 second faces and poses???? (126 x 60/30, 7560/30=252 attitude sketches)

The reason why you could do this piece of advice is, so that your character drawings will become the least stiffer and more than dynamic, energetic and fluid, if that's your goal.

My hat's of to you, and stay moist.

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