Climbing up

by Tommy V. Lavi, March 26th 2021 © 2021 Tommy V. Lavi

Done as a 60 sec. jesture, then finished it as a muscle study by constantly looking at the reference. Haven't studied anatomy for more than 10 days.


Hello Tommy,

You are off to a great start with learning anatomy. I like the shading you were able to introduce to the form and the way you balanced everything. I think this study would have benefited from being on its own page. The placement of the right arm and that shoulderblade might have been affected by the limited space for expression. That being said, the muscles in the lower back and that back leg look great - well defined and accurate. Keep at it!

Tommy V. Lavi

Thanks a lot for a rather detailed and encouraging review here. Indeed, since taking the 30-minute classes with hyper-quick sketches, I went out to do way more, all-the-paper-space-allocating drawings recently.


Of course! Glad to hear about the fullpage sketches - I'll have to check them out!

Polyvios Animations

I just want to say, TommyL, that I really think that your gesture is on the right track, and I really, really feel that you know precisely where you're going with your muscular studies, as well as their gestures.

Again, if I was to make a totally honest criticism, is that some of the pose elements, like the back here, it's a bit too arthtritic and rigid here. Why don't you please strengthen your range of motion and emotion with 60 minutes of 28 second poses???? (3600 seconds/28 secs=129 rapid poses)

The reason why you could do this tip is because, it can and will be able to reduce stiffness in the muscle anatomy, and to make it feel more animated, exaggerated, dynamic, and energetic.

So, cheers with your next and first goal, and I hope you've found this completely and absolutely helpful, beneficial, and encouraging.

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