Lying around

by Tommy V. Lavi, March 26th 2021 © 2021 Tommy V. Lavi

This was done as part of a 30 minute class and was a last, 7-minute one. My most salient goal this time was to memorise all the muscles and other contour-impacting things.

Polyvios Animations

Exceptional job on your nude pose, TommyL, that's very excellent! I am really enjoying how much force and gesture and contours you've got going there in that drawing above.

My critique; or criticism, if you will; is that some of the muscles of this body particularly in the back has not quite enough squash and stretch in the outlines. Why don't you please free yourself up with 158 more minutes of 6 minute 59 second (419 second) blind contour sketches of figure poses, in diverse states of nudity? (158 x 60/419/4 days, 9480/419/4, 23/4= roughly 6 sketches a day)

The reason is because, it can be extremely and exceptionally useful to you and your goal, if you would be able to draw deliberately but recklessly at the same time, while if your goal is to reduce stiffness in your muscles and to make them feel more vital, spontaneous and energetic, then I allow and encourage you to go ahead. Not to mention these videos that influenced and inspired me to do so.https://


Well, I hope you've found these extremely and totally useful and benefical.

Tommy V. Lavi

Once again, thanks a lot for a rather encouraging commentary here! Kiitos!

For now, the 2-hour class might be a bit too lenghty for me as of now, but it definitely is important to allocate a lot more time on those 30-sec sketches and all. Plus, those couple of video material you have brought here are obviously very, very informative on that matter. Once again, thanks!


Looking great and I recognize the picture in the drawing haha, have drawn it myself many times as well.

Point of interest would be his left leg, which is a tad too straight. If you look at humans in action, limbs are rarely fully 100% straight, there's always a curve to them in some respect (curves absorb stress better).

Also might be worth looking into your line depth. If you compare the two legs, they appear to be next to each other in terms of line-depth. Try and make his right-leg a tad thinner (in terms of lines) to make it appear slightly in the background.


Find your shapes and build what you see first and then what you know (as far as muscle groups)


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