30 seconds figure practice

by Dcooley, April 7th 2021 © 2021 Dcooley

Trying to get better at capturing the gestures and positions in 30 seconds

Polyvios Animations

That's incredible! Love the range of motion and emotion of those bodies.

Again, I feel that there's too many straights and not enough curves in them. Why don't you please work with your whole shoulder, with 10 minutes of 29 second poses? (600 second/29 seconds=21 quick attitudes) The reason is because, it can, it shall, and it will be able to help you draw more organically in terms of the ideas and energies.

Here is this video below:


And this image too, for inspiration:

Cheers, dcooley!!

Cole Egger

These are really good! I'd recommend trying to lighten your stroke and keep your pencil light against the paper. That way, you can allow your arm to glide across the page more easily and better capture the movement of the pose!


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