21-Second Scribble with the Lightest Touch

by Polyvios Animations, April 27th 2021 © 2021 Polyvios Animations

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 21 seconds in length.

My current goal is: Make my animal gestures and forces less rigid, and more elastic and most squashier-stretchier, most quickly.

Here is my newest animal scribble worksheet. I'm really working at my lightest touch of my lines, in terms of how I feel with them. What do you think of my lightest touch?


This photo does not have any animal, but looks like it's a grid with numbers. Perhaps post this on a math site instead?

Polyvios Animations

Chill out, Theo, this grid of drawing exercises for my animal scribbles is not meant to be much, but it helps me.


I see. I only commented since your exercise came up as requesting for critique. So what type of critique would you like to receive? What would be helpful to you?

Polyvios Animations

For instance, I'm going for the light feeling of my animal forces, without any rough preparation, cause I was used to those preps.

Polyvios Animations

Anyway, thank you.

Wincked (unregistered visitor)

So i'm trying this feedback thing for the first time.

From what i understand your goal is to be really light with your lines in order to have more elastic and dynamic animal gestures.

What i see is :

- Medium and heavyish lines on the grid.
- Numbers that i don't understand.
- And a lack of control

Maybe your line will get lighter if you remove the 20 sec limit cap and you just try to have more control over what you are doing.
That is, if you only want to work on your line without any model or reference in front of you.

I was told before that is better to have control over what you are doing. Speed will come with time and practice.

If you're going to trace a grid, you need to show some form of control, meaning straight lines, even spacing.
It will show that you can control your hand and wrist, this will eventually give you more control over the weight of your lines.
Even spacing will show that you know how to measure distance propely.

I hope this was helpfull.

Polyvios Animations

OK, but I find this totally practical. Thanks.

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