by Patroses, May 1st 2021 © 2021 Patroses

love the rounded style, gets across a softness to a powerful creature.

you could maybe push the muscle features in the core more, particularly with the top ridge of the front shoulder that's facing us. would also look great with some of those iconic toes.

the scale and proportions feel pretty good, the second I saw it I felt like I was observing on a safari. good subtle ground in that regard. nice connected bean shapes.


Thanks for your encouragments et suggestions.

Polyvios Animations

I love how much soft and organic curves on your rhinoceros, Patroses. That's very perfectly raw.

So, if I could provide you a completely and sincerely honest critique, if would be that this rhino is a bit too dark on the lines, why don't you please loosen up and lighten up your lines of the mammal and rhinoceros gestures, through 148 more minutes of 30 second animal gestures, all flipped horizontal and/or vertical, and/or grayscale? And in 6 days?? (148 x 60/30/6, 8880/30/6, 296/6=49 a day)

The reason why you could and would do this suggestion to your technique is as a result, you would reduce the stiffness of your rhinoceros drawings, and to make your critter sketches more and more dynamic, vital, lively, energetic, and fluid.

For more credit, be sure to check out this link to some T.S. Sullivant Drawings: https://andreasdeja.blogspot.com/search?q=sullivant+rhino

Cheers to you, hope you've found this completely and totally useful, and Happy Orthodox Easter, if you're Orthodox.


Uhh I love the sense of motion it's reminding me a lot of those old Disney animation drafts.
I do not know how long this took you or what your goal is, but I think possibl focus points could be adding a sense of texture, either in shading or folds in the skin. Another focus point could be weight, I think your doing good but rhinos are huge in shape and mass and I think you could communicate that further, think big body and heavy head.

hope this helps :)


Thanks for your encouragement and suggestions. I totally agree with you about focussing more on the weight. Thanks again, I really appreciate.

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