by Patroses, May 1st 2021 © 2021 Patroses
Polyvios Animations

Nice work on your nude pose, but can I please ask you a question? Did you draw that pose from observation, or did you draw that totally from imagination?

If either one, I'm not getting a lot of ranges of expression of each drawing style. Why don't you please free up your hands with 146 more minutes of 30 second poses, for a week (7 days)? (146 x 60/30/7, 8760/30/7, 292/7=roughly 42 a day)

The reason is because, if your current goal is to make your drawings, solidest, fluidest,and liveliest, that I allow you to go with it. You know? Good luck with your next drawn poses.


Hi, thanks for your comments. To answer your question, it was from observation and I focused on balance and rythms.


The weight of this piece is very well distributed, and the pose is clear. Your line weight is also helpful in distinguishing where shadows are! One thing I would suggest is studying internal anatomy, especially joints. It may help make your future work look more cohesive.


Thanks for your encouragement. It was the first time I showed a drawing online.

Delroy E

There may be some shapes in the chest area that you are missing however it looks great. Keep it up

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