10m pose 060321

by Hayunb97, June 4th 2021 © 2021 Hayunb97

I am slow but critique - I do want improve

Polyvios Animations

Good job on your overall body drawing, Hayunb97, that's a pretty good use of the lines and silhouette.

I feel that unless it's a teen model, yet otherwise, this pose seems a bit too awkward in the relationships(proportions and angles) to me, but in my sincere opinion, that's a pretty static, but dynamic gesture. Would you kindly loosen and lighten up the proportions and angles with a totally quicker 5 minute dynamic standing pose, flipped horizontally????

The reason is because of two things: 1) Pros use that drawing technique in their YouTube speeddraws. They use this simplest drawing tool to check their edges, spaces, relationships, etc., in case of any inconsistencies in the artist's eye. 2) To make your proportions less wonkiest, and all the more looking and feeling natural, and the gesture more bold, dynamic, and appealing to your eyes.

My hat's off to you.

Polyvios Animations.


Thank you very much. Possibly time and practice will give confidence as well. Thanks again


I like your line and how it feels loose, but the face has something weird, it's more outside the head. you can practice more faces to improve. (sorry I don't know much English)


Thank you Fdiazamarillo. I appreciate your thoughts . No worries, your english is fine - I need alot practice on the head!

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