Quick reference sketch/gesture practice?

by Daughterrr_, June 10th 2021 © 2021 Daughterrr_
Polyvios Animations

Excellent work on your current post on your quick sketch poses, dQuGhTerrr_.

Question: What is your first ever goal here?

Reason: To know specifically and generally, what you're up against.

My hat's off to you.

Aunt Herbert

The figure on the left looks like you reacted to getting too close to the edge of the paper by reducing the left shoulder in width. Also it seems the torso is a bit too long, that hip should probably at the same height as the right hand, not starting underneath it.

On the right figure, the torso placement and the shoulder away from the view looks good. The hands look a bit too small, and the front shoulder is off. I am not sure how it was in the refernce photo, but the armpit and the top of the shoulder are def. too close together to fit a shoulder joint+muscles.

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