Quick reference sketch/gesture practice?

by Daughterrr_, June 10th 2021 © 2021 Daughterrr_
Aunt Herbert

Your placement of the main masses: hips, ribcage, head, looks decent, but you seem to struggle a bit with the way the head connects to the shoulder.

Maybe do a series of sketches, where you only focus on very few lines: the chinline and ears (they provide very good information about the size and orientation of the head), the clavicle, the top of the ribcage, the shoulder joints and the neck muscles. Marking the grub where the clavicles join gives an enormous amount of information about the neck muscles, allowing you to indicate very much posture with very few lines.

Polyvios Animations

Hey there, dAuGhTerrr_, I must admire, and completely adore, and respect your tenacity to post these figures above.

If I'm pressed to point out a nitpick for you, I'd say that several of your perceptions of edges are the most teensy-weeniest too wobbly and itchy, and indecisive to me, which is perfectly normal and not a bad thing, if you're working with a transform tool. Would you kindly check out that online interative drawing tutorial here on this website?

The reason is because of two things: First of all, practice makes progress, and progress makes perfect. And second, it starts out for you the quick sketches from 30 seconds to 5, then ending with a 5 minute drawn pose.

My hat's off to you, daughter_, and I hope you've found these completley and positively concrete, practical, and useful.


Be more confident on your pencil, lines more fluid and less hairy with that little lines.

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