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Solid structure. Specific features. The angle of the head is aligned with the landmarks you drew. I think you did a very good job! I just wish to see more of these. For improvement, I would suggest you fill up pages with lots of heads like this one-- and in different angles. Try drawing 50 heads as a goal. Even though I think you have grasp of the anatomy and structure of the face, I would still suggest you spend some time drawing the structure alone (without features or details) beause it makes it easier to understand how the head would turn in space later. Keep it up!

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Aunt Herbert

Thanx, you just provided me with my training plan for the next two days. Let's hope my discipline holds.

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your contoured face and expression, AuntHerbert.

Well, if I could make an uppity nitpick, it would be that though the relationships are really sweller, but I'm not getting enough exaggerated edges and spaces. Would you care to do a blind contour drawing of a facial expression in 5 minutes?????

The reason why you could and would do this is because of: a) To get into the right side of your brain. And b) To help you caricature and exaggerate and satirize the lines, shapes and spaces of the faces. For more information, be sure to look up the book or ebook of the Kimon Nicolaides Book, The Natural Way to Draw. Get it for the blind contour drawing, please, but you don't have to follow its schedules.

Good luck, and I hope you've found these completely and totally beneficial and informative.

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