Random gestures and a bald dude

by JuliaArt, June 16th 2021 © 2021 JuliaArt
Aunt Herbert

I love your methodical approach, your clear lines and your expressive shapes. I hope to see more of your work in the future, as this is really inspiring.

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Polyvios Animations

Great job on all of your demonstrations of the forces of the figures and lives, Julialiberali.

But, I've got one smallest suggestion: I love how well-studied your bald guy's head is, but some of the contours are a bit far too itchy for me. Would you please refine your line quality and smoothness and recklessness with that line exercise on Drawabox.com, and loosen up your heads in to cartoons with 1 hour of 30 second noodles? (120 noggins)

The reason why you could do this critique is as a result, your line quality will dramatically improve, and your heads will become the least stiffest, and the most dynamic, fluidest, and liveliest in their relationships.

Good luck, cheers.


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