Gesture exercise

by JuliaArt, June 16th 2021 © 2021 JuliaArt
Polyvios Animations

Way to go on your consistency on the practicing of the poses, Julialiberali. Very, very, very greatest.

I have one smaller issue I see, I love the amount of inspiration in the appeal of the poses, but I'm not getting enough of the broadest ranges of motion. Would you please loosen and liven up the lines of those attitudes just a little bit with 60 minutes of 30 second pose warm-ups (regardless of who they are and what they are) (120)

The reason is as a result, your lines of action and rhythm will become the least forced, and the most boldest, spontaneous, and alive in your acting and emotions.

For more details, be sure to check out this surprise link here.

My hat's off to you, cheers, and good luck to you.



I like how each of the study sets has a multiple iterations of one pose with various body types. It shows an understanding of how to build different forms based based to manipulation of basic shapes. The only thing I would pay attention to is the flow of the poses. While they do feel realistic, there is a lack rhythm. For example, the set with the female has a lack of flow particularly around the legs. Thus they feel stiff. I would suggest 30 second practice sessions were you deliberately exaggerate the line of action of these forms so as to add a sense of story. Great job and keep it up.


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