Watercolour figure 3

by Ysolla, June 20th 2021 © 2021 Ysolla

My goal with this work isn't necessarily proportion, but creative expression and gesture.


Hello! I think I am not qualified to critique your work, because the last time I have worked with watercolours was in school(7-8 years ago). BUT I will leave here my observations, hope they will help

1) I mostly work with ink and pencil and inclined towards more dynamic figure drawing. I have read many books about dynamic figure drawing, but one that stood out the most was Mike Mattesi's "Drawing with FORCE". He talks a lot about the forces that shape our body and how to exctract these forces from photos to draw them in correct way. You may think "why I should care about this book, I am not drawing dynamic figures!", but the thing is...

Forces affect our body even in resting poses. Drawing with FORCE can make our drawings feel alive.

2) Before atempting any expressionistic projects, at first I would learn the correct anatomy and proportions. To be able to break the rules, you must know the rules themselves. Remember that both Picasso and Dali spent years learning realistic drawing and painting.

Hope this helps)

Polyvios Animations

Marvelous and more extraordinary job on your watercolor figure, ysolla. Very great job on your bolder and broadest strokes in this pose.

I'm giving you one tinier,littlest suggestion: I love how much of the carefree look and feel you've got in your quick painting, but I'm not getting enough of that Asian impressionist look and emotion in that pose there.Would you please check out this search page about Czech illustrator and animation director, Jiri Trnka? All with 1 hour of 29 second quick studies and practices? (3600/29=124 quickest studies of Jiri)

The reason why you could and should do this littlest suggestion is as a result, your brush strokes will become the least timidest and the most dynamic, holistic and direct, like any Chinese watercolor.

So I hope you'll find this link helpful.

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